Relational Environments are places where people can become connected relationally and learn how to grow spiritually so we are all are on a journey of learning continuously.

The next step in our spiritual process is to get people connected. We believe it is important for people to be connected in relationships that nurture spiritual growth.  Growth doesn’t happen in isolation.  We need relationships that encourage us, challenge us, love us and change us; beginning with our relationship with Jesus.  Jesus connected with people so he could then teach about the love of His father and bring about life transformation.  In the same way, we want to create fully devoted followers of Christ in biblically authentic community. (Examples of Relational Environments are LIFE Groups, Discipleship Classes, Mentoring Relationships, One-on-one Discipleship, Leadership Equipping, and Crosstraining 201)

Discipleship Classes

Discipleship classes are offered from time to time throughout the year.  These classes offer you the opportunity to deepen your faith above and beyond your weekly commitment to a LIFE Group and our Celebration Service.  The classes have a set start and stop time (unlike our ongoing LIFE Groups) and usually focus on a specific topic of interest.  Anyone is welcome to participate in a Discipleship Class.  We also look to invest in the expertise of our leadership in offering classes they feel passionate about.  We encourage you to check out our calendar of events to see what Discipleship classes are available.  If you have suggestions for class, we welcome those, too.

Mentoring Relationships

A mentoring relationship is one where a mature believer is partnered with one or two people and they agree to spend a designated amount of time together on a regular basis.  In doing so, accountability, prayer, encouragement and spiritual wisdom is shared.  This type of relationship can simply be set up between two people who mutually agree to this type of process. If you would like a mentor, you can contact our pastors and they can help set you up.

One-on-One Discipleship

This type of relationship exists for the specific purpose of understanding God’s Word.  This may be two people learning together using a specific curriculum.  Or, it may look more like a teacher and a student.  One specific discipleship experience we try to create for people is to connect a new believer with a seasoned believer for the purpose of understanding their new life in Christ.  If you feel you have a need to be discipled or you would like to disciple someone, please let us know. 

Leadership Equipping

Our mission statement indicates a priority we put on creating leadership environments.  We plan regular leadership gatherings and yearly events to help equip those who feel called to lead at Crossroads.  We invite anyone who feels called to be a part of the leadership at Crossroads to speak with one of our pastors about what they believe God is leading them to do.  We also ask that leadership at Crossroads complete Crosstraining 101,201 and 301.


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