Crosstraining is a spiritual growth course that consists of four classes taken consecutively. We invite everyone to complete these four classes. We believe they offer a solid foundation to build your life on. It will change the way you think about God, the church, yourself, and how you live out your spiritual walk. These classes are offered on a rotating basis on Sunday evenings every two months. Watch the calendar for details or email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) to request participation in the next Crosstraining classes.

101: What does Commitment mean at Crossroads?

Crosstraining 101 is about commitment. What does commitment mean at Crossroads? Commitment to us is a relationship with Jesus Christ and a commitment to the local church. This class explains our foundational beliefs and is our process for becoming a Covenant Partner at Crossroads Fellowship. This process identifies you as a part of our family. This class is about Discovering Covenant Partnership.

201: What does Spiritual Growth mean at Crossroads?

Crosstraining 201 is about living out our vision statement: Becoming Jesus-Centered. In this course you will understand how to use the Bible as wise counsel for your life decisions. We also will look at our spiritual growth process, the spiritual disciplines important for your growth, and the foundation of what a spiritual lifestyle looks like. This class is about Developing Spiritual Maturity.

301: What does serving in your Giftedness mean at Crossroads?

Crosstraining 301 is about teaching you how God has uniquely gifted you and given you an area of passion in order to help the church communicate to those seeking after God. This class is Discerning your Spiritual Gifts and Ministry Calling.

401: What does Leadership look like at Crossroads?

Crosstraining 401 is the leadership piece of our Crosstraining process. This class is offered to those who are ready to help lead Crossroads. Leadership can be lived out in a variety of different ways. We invite anyone who has completed 101, 201, and 301 to come be a part of this leadership class. We believe this course will offer a solid foundation for understanding how Jesus lead. We will also look at the leadership structure of Crossroads and try to help people connect to their ministry, passion, and calling. We want to help people become leaders for Christ, not only in the church but also in their daily lives. This class is Determining Your Leadership Potential.