Welcome to the online introduction of Crossroads Fellowship. We would love for you to visit us on site, but until we get to meet you face to face, enjoy this opportunity to get to know us. We hope as you explore the pages of our website, you will begin to discover the heart of Crossroads. Our hope is that here you will hopefully get a better insight into some of the environments we have created at Crossroads and why those environments and ministries are so important.

We know that in our world today life is full of challenges and obstacles. So many times we find ourselves standing at the crossroads of our life and wondering what this journey is all about. The heart of Crossroads Fellowship is to stand at that crossroads with you and help you on your journey! Our church launched on the first Sunday in June, 2003. At that point, we knew we wanted to be a church that was willing to travel along side people on their journey toward a spiritual faith. So, whatever your background, whatever your beliefs, whatever your ethnicity, socio-economic place or age; whatever your mistakes, doubts, failures or pain, you are welcome to travel with us. We want you to know that you matter to God and you matter to us.

Take your time. Take it in. Get to know us. We’re glad you’re here.