Ben Basden, Worship Leader

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Welcome to the Crossroads Fellowship website and, more specifically, my page on the website.  It is my hope that this website will be informative as well as entertaining, but please know that you can never truly understand Crossroads Fellowship until you experience us in person.  I say that not to brag, but rather to inspire you to join us in our journey.  I hope you will find what you are looking for here.

I was born in Dallas and lived the first few years of my life in Fort Worth.  My parents and I moved to Waco in the fall of 1989-—much to my dismay.  Looking back on it now I see that it was a good move, but as an only child I did not enjoy being uprooted from my only peer network.  After graduating from high school I attended the University of Georgia for one year before transferring to Baylor.  While at Baylor, I worked as an athletic trainer with the football and baseball teams.  I also led worship with my friend John Martin at Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  I stayed at Baylor for graduate school and was fortunate enough to be a part of the 2005 Baylor baseball team that went to the College World Series.  I wish I could go to Omaha every year for the CWS.

After graduate school I did an internship with the New York Knicks.  Needless to say, living in Manhattan was a slight change from living in Waco, but I’m so glad I had the opportunity to experience it.  With less than a month left in my internship, I had no clue what my next step would be.  Out of the blue I got a call from Steve, needing a worship leader.  And here I stand today as the worship leader at Crossroads Fellowship.

In addition to my job at Crossroads, I also coach Varsity baseball and JV boys basketball at Vanguard.  I enjoying being able to influence lives at both Vanguard and Crossroads.  It is at Vanguard where I met my wife, Michelle.  We just got married in October of ’09 and are enjoying the early stages of our marriage.

Some Facts About Me

  • First Job: Assistant to the Day Camp Director (a.k.a “gopher” or “snack boy”), First Baptist Church of Waco Summer Day Camp
  • Favorite Places: at home with my wife; New York City; Athens, GA; and any baseball field
  • What's on my iPod: random sample brought to you by the handy shuffle function: David Crowder*Band, Ben Folds, The Kooks, The Beatles, Ryan Adams, Ben Kweller, and Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • Favorite Books: “A Lesson Before Dying,” by Earnest Gaines; “Blue Like Jazz,” by Donald Miller; “They Call Me Coach,” by John Wooden
  • What do I TiVo: probably too much.  Highlights include: “The Office,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Baseball Tonight,” “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” and Georgia football games
  • Favorite Movies: “Bull Durham,” “Dumb and Dumber”, “Hoosiers,” “Primal Fear,” “Seven,” “The Shawshank Redemption,” “Tombstone,” “Tommy Boy,” and “The Usual Suspects”
  • Hobbies: going to or watching sporting events, playing guitar, learning new things, and hanging out with the wife
  • Odd Fact: I safety pin my socks together after wearing them so that I don’t have to re-join them after they come out of the dryer.  I also use wet wipes.
  • A Memorable Moment: In my first year as head baseball coach, we came from behind to win a playoff game at Baylor Ballpark to advance to the state tournament.
  • Life Verse: I don’t know that I necessarily have a “life verse,” so to speak, but a passage that has always encouraged me while at the same time scaring the daylights out of me is found at the end of Matthew 25.  Jesus says, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”  He counters that shortly thereafter with “'I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.”