New Series Begins February 5

One word. One verse. We started the year choosing one word. For Crossroads, our one word for 2017 is “whatever.” Just like Mary told the servants in John 2:5, “Whatever he tells you to do, do it,” we want this verse to guide our attitude throughout 2017. We are ready to do “whatever” God calls us to do.

The Bible is full of great words, but it also overflows with verses that can serve as a compass for your life. There are certain key verses in the Bible that stand out as ones that can be considered life-changing:
They can change the direction you are going in life.
They can force you to deal with a character issue.
They can make you go after something you never thought possible.
They can bring you hope when life is hard.

These are what we call life verses. They can serve as a compass for your life when you seem to have lost your way.

Join us for this sermon series called "Life Verse" and discover some powerful verses that can help you navigate life in the right direction. And just maybe, you might find a life verse that you claim as a rally cry, a guide, a focus, and a compass for your life--the ONE VERSE you need for this season of life.